NCCO Technology

b-MOLA GO has 3 filtering systems: HEPA filter, Active Oxygen Generator, and NCCO filter. The system can clean 99% of any harmful and unhealthy elements in the air. This is the same structure used in hospital air purification systems.

HEPA can clean solid pollution like dust, smoke, mites, and pollen while the Active Oxygen Generator kills bacteria and virus. Lastly, the NCCO filter catalyzes and decomposes of any odor, harmful gases, and VOC. And the NCCO Reactor filter can last 12 years.

b-MOLA NCCO1804 has a compact and portable design, light weight, handle and built-in lithium battery, and can be used for up to 8 hours without additional power supply.

​Even if the battery is exhausted, you can use the USB battery to charge during your trip.

The b-MOLA NCCO1804 is designed to be used in different environments. The wind noise is as low as 34dB in low wind mode, and it is not affected during sleep.

​It automatically sleeps and restarts for half an hour every eight hours, which saves power and prevents the fan unit from overheating.