What's good about NCCO?

 In 2003, NCCO's scientific research team successfully developed NCCO oxygen polymerization air treatment technology and obtained invention patents in many countries. NCCO can effectively adsorb and decompose pollutants in the air at the same time, breaking the common practice of purely using adsorption materials.

NCCO stands for Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation, that is, oxygen polymerization air treatment technology.

Nano NANO: The granular catalyst of the oxygen polymerization reaction layer contains nanotubes, and the materials used are recyclable and non-toxic artificial minerals

Adsorption CONFINED: The diameter of the catalyst is only 0.4 cm, and the length of the contained nanotubes is 400 meters, which effectively adsorbs and locks pollutants

Catalysis CATALYTIC: Nanotubes contain catalytic transition metals

OXIDATION: The active oxygen released by the active oxygen generator can effectively kill bacteria and viruses, and destroy the molecular structure of harmful compounds

Tested by authoritative certification agencies, NCCO oxygen polymerization technology has a very high removal rate of gaseous organic pollution, and has excellent sterilization and deodorization effects for Staphylococcus aureus, H3N2 virus, etc.


What's good about NCCO oxygen polymerization?
Compared with most of the air purification technologies on the market, such as activated carbon, photocatalyst, negative ions, etc., the effectiveness of NCCO oxygen polymerization is significantly better. Take activated carbon as an example. It can only adsorb pollutants in a short period of time, but cannot decompose pollutants. Moreover, when the activated carbon is saturated, the adsorbed pollutants will be released into the air again, causing secondary pollution and causing great harm to the health of users. ​
On the contrary, NCCO oxygen polymerization can continuously adsorb and decompose harmful pollutants. The life of NCCO oxygen polymerization filter can be as long as 12 years in the laboratory environment.

NCCO oxygen polymerization technology has solved various thorny air pollution problems in the fields of commerce, industry, retail, and automobiles, such as dealing with strong odors such as public restrooms, subway restrooms, and garbage landfills. In Hong Kong, NCCO oxygen polymerization products have been widely used in government departments, subways, banks, hospitals, schools, high-end hotels, real estate and shopping malls.

As a revolutionary NCCO oxygen polymerization technology air treatment technology, we are convinced that this is the inevitable development direction of air treatment technology in the future.