b-MOLA 1702 Turbo

b-MOLA 1702 Tubo Air Purifier uses the incredible patented NCCO Technology to deliver ultra clean air to every inch of your room. Say goodbye to viruses, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals in your room. Say Hi to pure clean air.


Breath Cleaner, Live Healthier

NCCO technology is a cutting-edge air cleaning technology that effectively and safely removes harmful pollutants from the air we breathe. By utilizing the unique properties of zinc oxide and reactive oxygen species, this technology decomposes gaseous pollutants into harmless substances, ensuring a healthier living environment for all.

Whether you are at home or in an industrial setting, NCCO technology provides a powerful solution for your air cleaning needs.

Fully Backed by Science

viruses, bacteria, pollutants REMOVED

95%-99% Removal Rate


Stronger is Better

Turbo mode saves you time to clean your indoor air. Perfect for people who are sensitive to polluted air.


Layers of Protection

Safe guard your indoor air with multiple Layers of purifying. There's no place for polluted air in your home.

We know everyone has different level of comfort

Adjust to your level of comfort anytime easily.